About Us

In 1996, photographers Paul Coward and Dani Mathewson combined their resources to create Inscape Photography. Armed with a second-hand Hasselblad camera, one studio light and two creative imaginations, they embarked on a mission to introduce the community to a new style of contemporary photography. Their innovative approach has seen them go from strength to strength in recent years as they've successfully carved a niche for themselves in the highly competitive field of photography.

Since opening the doors of their quaint old church studio to the outside world, Inscape Photography enjoys a fine reputation for consistently producing unique and exciting work. With a team of talented photographers and the latest digital imaging technology, Inscape is currently creating some of their most interesting pieces to date.

Although Inscape are best known for their images in portraiture and weddings, their extensive portfolio also includes fashion and commercial work. Their contribution to photography as art is now gaining public recognition with the release of their creative collection over a series of successful exhibitions.

The wide variety of images included in the collection demonstrates Inscape's versatility and further reflects their ability to seek inspiration in everyday life.

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